Airfix A03059 SHORT TUCANO T.1

Item No.: Airfix A03059

The Shorts Tucano T MK.1, serves with the Royal Air Force as a basic two-seat turboprop trainer. Selected in the face of fierce competition to meet RAF requirement AST-412 for a Jet Provost replacement, the Tucano has a high performance combined with a considerable economy of operation. Developed from Brazilian Embrear EMB-312 Tucano ,wich is also in widespread service, the British version has a more powerful engine in a redesigned nose, a four-bladed propeller, vental air brake and restyled wing tips; less obivous are the structural strenghtening to give 50% longer fatique life, new cockpit layouts and strengthened cockpit canopy ; the crew are provided with Martin Baker Type 8LC ejection seats. Following a lengthy development programme ,the type entered service with the Cental Flying School at RAF Scampton in mid-1988, and as the 130 machines on order were delivered into service they replaced the Jet Provost with the Flying Training Schools, No.7 FTS being the first. The UK Ministry of Defence had an option for 15 more Tucano T.1`s and the Kenya Air force also ordered 15..

Twee uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • Versie A : No.1 Flying Training School, RAF, Linton-on-Ouse, UK , 1997
  • Versie B: Central Flying School,RAF,Scampton, UK, 1994 


  • Lang; 136 mm.
  • Breed; 156 mm.

Aantal onderdelen: 48

Verf tabel voor deze bouwdoos van: Humbrol , Model Master , Revell

Versie A & B

  • 24 Matt Trainer Yellow            = MM1569
  • 33 Matt Black                        = MM1749     / REV 8
  • 53 Metallic Gunmetal              = MM1795
  • 61 Matt Flesh                         = MM1516    / REV35
  • 64 Matt Light Grey                  = MM1731    / REV64
  • 85 Satin Coal Black                = MM2735    / REV 9 ,302
  • 130 Satin White                     = MM1596    / REV301
  • 159 Matt Khaki 
  • 171 Metallic Antique Bronze 
  • 191 Metallic Chrome                = MM1790

Versie A

  • 21 Gloss Black                 = MM1747     / REV 7
  • 69 Gloss Yellow                = MM1514     / REV12

Versie B 

  • 14 Gloss French Bleu         = MM2715    / REV52
  • 15 Gloss Midnight Bleu      = MM1511    / REV54

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Airfix A03059 SHORT TUCANO T.1

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