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The Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander is a 1960s British light utility aircraft, regional airliner and cargo aircraft designed and originally manufactured by Britten-Norman of the United Kingdom. The Islander is one of the best-selling commercial aircraft types produced in Europe. Although designed in the 1960s, over 750 are still in service with commercial operators around the world. The aircraft is also used by the British Army and Police forces in the United Kingdom and is a light transport with over 30 military aviation operators around the world.

After Fairey Aviation acquired the Britten-Norman company, their Islanders and Trislander aircraft were built in Romania, then shipped to Avions Fairey for finishing and then flown to the UK for flight certification.

The Islander is also known for servicing the two airports joined by the shortest scheduled flight in the world, a leg of Loganair's inter-island service, Loganair Flight 353, from Papa Westray Airport to Westray Airport. The distance is 1.7 mi (2.7 km) and the scheduled flight time including taxiing is two minutes

Drie uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • BN-2A Islander, Aurigny Air Servies, Guernsey, UK, 1971.
  • BN-2 Defender, Philippine Navy, The Philippines, 1978.
  • BN-2A Islander, Milford Sound Flightseeing, Queenstown, New Zealand, 2005.


  • Lang; 151 mm.
  • Breed; 224 mm.

Aantal onderdelen; 81

Humbrol verf kleur nr.'s; 11/ 19 / 21 / 27 / 33 / 40 / 69 / 72 / 80.

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