Airfix A09004 Lockheed AC-130H Gun Ship

Item No.: Airfix A09004

The AC-130H Gunship is a heavily armed version of the famous Herucles transport plane wich is in service with Air forces and cargo carriers throughout the world. The Gunship version was designed primarily for use during the Vietnamese conflict, and its unusual design had all of its arament protruding from the port side of the fuselages. With the aid of fuslage-mounted infrared television cameras , it flew around its designated targets., concentrating its heavy calibre arament on one spot. The AC-130H, the subject of this kit, is armed with twin 7.62mm and 120mm Gatling guns , a 40mm Bofors gun and a 105mm Howitzer . It is also installed with Chaff dispenders, ECM pods an Black Crow Radar. Powered by 4 Allison turboprops, the Herucles has a max. cruising speed 602km/h 

Twee uitvoeringen mogelijk; U.S.A.F.

  • Versie A:16th Special Operations Sqn.,1st Special operations Wing, U.S.A. 1976.
  • Versie B:16th S.O.S.,8th Tactical Reconnaisance Wing, UBON A.B.,Thailand 1972.

Aantal onderdelen: 142

Verftabel voor deze bouwdoos van Humbrol , Model Master ,Revell 

Versie A & B 

  • 11 Metallic Silver               = MM1780     / REV90
  • 24 Matt Trainer Yellow        = MM1569
  • 33 Matt Black                    = MM1749    / REV 8
  • 34 Matt White                   = MM1768    / REV 5
  • 53 Metallic Gunmetal         = MM1795
  • 56 Metallic Aluminium        = MM1781    / REV99
  • 60 Matt Scarlet                  = MM1550    / REV36
  • 64 Matt Light Grey             = MM1731    / REV75

Versie A

  • 125 Satin US Dark Grey      = MM1723

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