IT0192 MiG 29UB "Fulcrum"

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This twin- seat version of the MIG 29 Fulcrum A was developed for advanced training programmes. Even though it was not completely equipped with the same electronic gear as the single- seat version, it was nevertheless able to operate due to its 30mm gun, and the possibility of using its air- to- air missiles R60 AA-8 APHID. The MIG 29 UB is normally used in groups of two to three units ih each squadron of single- seat planes. This system used by the Soviet Air Force was also followed by other forces which aquired the MIG 29: India, Syria, lrak, Poland, Tchechoslovakia and the German Democratic Republic. The aircraft was introduced June 22, 1990. 

Vier uitvoeringen mogelijk;






  • Soviet Air Force, Demo A/C, Abbotsforf 1990.
  • Luftstreitkräfte Oost-Duitsland, JG3, Preschen 1990.
  • Luftwaffe, Manching 1991.
  • Ceskoslovenske Vojenske Letectvo-Zatec, 1989.


  • Lengte 240mm 
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IT0192 MiG 29UB "Fulcrum"
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