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The Caproni-Reggiane Re.2000 Falco I was an Italian all metal, low-wing, monoplane with a Curtiss-style retractable undercarriage, used in the first part of World War II. This lightly built and highly maneuverable interceptor/fighter, similar to the Seversky P-35, flew for the first time in 1939. It proved a technically advanced aircraft, well balanced and extremely aerodynamic, but not without its faults.

Although potentially superior to Italian contemporary fighters (Fiat G.50 and Macchi C.200), the Re.2000 was not considered satisfactory by Italian military authorities. Consequently, the manufacturer built it for export and almost all of the first production served with the Swedish Air Force and Hungarian Air Force, rather than in the Regia Aeronautica (Italian Air Force).


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  • Héja, Magyar Királyi Honvéd Légierö, 1/2 Vadaszszazad, Pervomayks, Ukraina, Augus 1940.
  • Héja, Hagyar Királyi Honvéd Légierö, 1/2 Dongó Vadaszszazad, Lt.Istvan Hórty, Szolnok, Hungary, June 1942.
  • Reggiana J.20, Svenska Flygvapnet, 2:a Divisionen, Flygflottilj F10, Rinkaby, Sweden, May 1942.
  • Regia Aeronautica, 377a Squadriglia Caccia Autonoma, Bocca di Falco, May 1940.
  • Regia Aeronautica, 377a Squadriglia Caccia Autonoma, Pantelleria, January 1941.
  • Regia Aeronautica, 74a Squadriglia, 3 Stormo, 12 Gruppo, Comiso, May 1941.


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  • Lengte 113 mm.


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IT1272 Reggiane Re.2000 GA

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