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                              SAAB J-21A

The Saab J21 first flew in July 1943. It was powered initially by a German-sourced and later Swedish-built version of the Daimler-Benz DB605B, and used a laminar flow wing. It had an ejector seat, being one of the first aircraft to be so equipped (in fact probably the first with a seat proven to work).

After overcoming some cooling difficulties it proved to be an adequate but not overly manoeuvrable fighter. However, as a very stable gun platform it proved ideal for low-level attacks, especially when armed with eight 15 cm rockets. It was subsequently developed into the Saab 21R, Sweden’s first jet fighter. In all 302 J21’s were delivered, some remaining in service until 1954 when they were replaced in the attack role by the J 28B Vampire.

Vier uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • SAAB J-21A, Bu no (Fv) 21102, the second prototype. At the beginning of 1945 was this machine handed over to F8 wing located at Berkarby for testing. Red "A" and Shark's mouth were painted while with F8 wing.
  • SAAB J-21A-2, "Yellow C", F12 wing, Kalmar, 1947-1950.
  • SAAB J-21A, Bu no (Fv) 21120, "Blue "F", 2.division, F9 wing, Säve, 1947.
  • SAAB J-21A, "Pyry", Red "P", 1. division, F9 Wing, Säve, 1947.
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Special Hobby SH72215 SAAB J-21A

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