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                '' Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIc  '' 

The British single-seated fighter Hawker Hurricane ranked among the best and most popular machines of the second World War. It`s prototype designated as F.36/34 was test flown on November 1935. The aircraft exelled in manouvrabillty and exceptinal strenght in all flight regimes from the very beginning. On June 11, 1942 MK.II tok off the first time with a more powerful engine (927KW alt.1.260hp Merlin XX). a three-bladed automatic V.P. Rotol airscrew and reinforced wing allowing to install more efficient weapons. The versions IIA with eight 7,7mm Browning machine-gun and IIB with 12 machine-guns of te same type. At the beginning of february 1941 the first four Hurricanes MK.IIC (ser.numbers V2461, Z2588, Z2588 and Z2891) were ready for testing. They were armed with four 20mm Oerlikon (alt Hispano) canons with a total of 364 cartridges. The first of them took off ready the MK.IIC were delivered to RAF regiments. That model was the most effective one and its production outnumbered orther versions. Hurricanes were built also in Canada (1,451 machines) and before the German invasion also Yugoslavia). A total of 14.251 Hurricanes were manufactured. Hurricanes fought more or less on all fronts of the Second World War. 
Brits jachtvliegtuig uit WO2 bekend om ''The Battle of Brittain'' 

Twee uitvoeren mogelijk;

  • Versie A:  3 Squadron, RAF 1941. 
  • Versie B: 213 Squadron, RAF Libye 1942. 

Aantal onderdelen: 40 


  • Lang; 136mm 
  • spanwijdte; 169mm.

Humbrol verf nr.'s;

Versie A & B

  • 24 Matt Trainer Yellow 
  • 33 Matt Black
  • 53 Metallic Gunmetal
  • 78 Matt Cockpit Green

Versie A

  • 23 Matt Duck Egg Bleu 
  • 27 Matt Dark Sea Grey 
  • 30 Matt Dark Green
  • 64 Matt Light Grey

Versie B

  • 11 Metallic Silver 
  • 30 Matt Dark Green
  •   63 Matt Sand
  •   84 Matt Mid Stone
  • 157 Matt Azure Bleu
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