Zvezda 7291 TB-7 Soviet Heavy Bomber

Item No.: Zvezda 7291

The TB-7 Soviet Heavy Bomber was a seriously impressive aircraft with respect to its size. Larger than a B-17 or Avro Lancaster, and designed by Vladimir Petlyakov, the original TB-7 designation was eventually changed to PE-8 in recognition of Petlyakov, after his death in 1942. This aircraft, which was fitted with inline engines, had a wingspan of almost 130 feet, and a crew of eleven! Capable of carrying around 11,000lbs of bombs in her cavernous bomb bay, the PE-8 had the significance of being one of the first aircraft to bomb Berlin, in the opening months of the German offensive against the Soviet Union. The unreliability of the Mikulin engine installation meant that in late 1942, the Russian design engineers at Petlyakov, unable to guarantee a supply of a more reliable Mikulin engine, fitted the Svetsov Ash-82 radial engine to the PE-8 airframe. The type was plagued throughout its operational life with both engine and other mechanical failures, counting for a significant number of losses not applicable to enemy action. 

TB-7 is a different designation of the Petliakov Pe-8 heavy Soviet Bomber. This kit is equipped with different engines, the radial ASh-82 type.

Eén uitvoering mogelijk;

  • TB-7 No.42110 was constructed on means of peasants of Bugulminsky region of Tatar ASSR. It zerved in the structure of 25 Guards aviation regiment of distant action in 1943.

Lang; 320 mm.
Aantal onderdelen; 317
Model Master verf kleur nr.'s; 1516 / 1583 / 1701 / 1702 / 1713 / 1721 / 1723 / 1730 / 1735 / 1736 / 1742 / 1749 / 1768 / 1780 / 1785 / 1790 / 1795 / 2032 / 2106 / 4305 / 4734 / 4768.

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