Hobby Boss 84803 U.S. Sherman M4A3 medium tank.

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                              '' Sherman M4A3 '' 

The M4 medium series utilized various forms of power plants. The Ford GAA engine version was designated M 4A 3. The M 4A 3 mostly seen on the battlefield had the hull of a revised 47 degrees glacis armor arrangement and two larger hatches as compared to the old hull. Changes also took place in the production run to use a '' high bustle turret ''. The armor on the right-hand side of the turret was thickened in the casting process to compensate the thinned down inner armor needed to mount the gun equipment. So the turret no longer spotted an added on appliqué armor anymore. The kit faithfully decipted this kind of turret and a choice to build the early hull without the front ventilator blower cover.

Twee uitvoeringen mogelijk:

  • U.S.Army (2X).

Aantal onderdelen; 174.


  • Lang; 125.2mm
  • Breed; 55.2mm
  • Hoog; 62.8mm.
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