IT.6604 Kfz.385 Tankwagen

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                 Kfz.385 Tankwagen

This tank lorry, obtained from the frame of the multiuse lorry Kfz.305, was the mean used for standard
refilling of the German aviation. Thanks to the good off the road characteristics, the vehicle was also able to
operate on emergency landing fields without pitch which, during conflict, characterised the air bases in
Africa and, in particular, in Russia. The vehicle was widely modified compared to the basic version, as well
as the tank with the relative pumping system, it was also equipped with cabin with fabric roof and silencer
with exhaust system, repositioned to allow the safe refilling of airplanes.

Drie uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • Unknown Unit, Italy, 1944.
  • Unknown Unit, Germany, 1943.
  • Unknown Unit, Germany, 1945.

Aantal onderdelen: 103 


  • Lengte 124 mm.
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IT.6604 Kfz.385 Tankwagen

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