AMF 99022 T34-76 model 1943

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"1940 - 1945".

                    T34-76 model 1943 

The most influential tank design used in World War II, the Russian T-34 was equipped with sloping armour, hard hitting firepower and surprisingly fast mobility. The T-34 was first used in combat in the summer of 1941, and its superior qualities soon set it apart from other medium tanks used at the time. However, the superiority of the Russian T-34 did not last and German designs soon caught up including the Panther.

In the period of 1940-3 several models were produced, each designated by the year it was made. The tank also underwent several upgrades including upgunning in 1941 and a turret redesign in 1943.

The 1943 turret redesign was nicknamed "Mickey Mouse" by the German forces because of its appearance which featured twin round roof hatches. The turret had less sloped sides than previous designs and was taller, creating more space but it was still a cramped two-man turret.

The 1943 version of the T34 could also mount external fuel tanks to increase its operating range 

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