Dragon 7285 Challenger 2 with "Dozer Blade"

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This Challenger 2 stands out because it also includes a newly tooled dozer blade, an item of equipment that original vehicles use for obstacle clearance or preparing firing positions. The dozer blade is nicely detailed and adds an air of uniqueness to this 1/72 scale kit. A generous fret of photo-etched parts provides an extra level of detail, as is exemplified in the engine deck mesh. The kit contents and decals allow a Challenger 2 serving in Kosovo with KFOR to be built. This miniature vehicle builds up into an accurate model with easy-to-assemble plastic-molded components, many of which were produced by slide molds (e.g. the turret and complete lower hull).

About the Challenger 2:
Although it was developed from the Challenger 1, the latest main battle tank of the British Army shares less than 5% of components with its predecessor. The 62.5-tonne Challenger 2 has been proven in combat in places like Iraq, and it's expected to remain in service until 2035.

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  •  The Royal Dragoon Guard, Poland 2006.  

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Dragon 7285 Challenger 2 with "Dozer Blade"

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