Dragon 7321 Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.F1 (F) Panzer IV

Item No.: Dragon 7321


The Panzer IV (Sd.Kfz.161) formed the mainstay of German panzer divisions, and it holds the distinction of being the only German tank to remain in production throughout the course of WWII. This tank, numerically the most common with 8500 produced, underwent a series of improvements to improve its armament and armor protection. The Ausf. F1 was manufactured from April 1941 to March 1942. Armed with a short-barreled 75mm KwK37 L/24 gun, a total of more than 450 were produced, although a number were later converted to F2 status. Other unique distinguishing features were a new turret design (with thicker armor, and two-piece side doors), plus new drive sprockets and idler wheels to accommodate wider 400mm tracks.

Zeven uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • Pz.Rgt.31, 5th Panz.Div.,Russia 1942.
  • 4./Pz.Rgt.8, 15th Panz.Div., Sidi Rezegh 1941.
  • 4./Pz.Rgt.31, 5th Panz.Div., Eastern Front 1942.
  • 4./Pz.Rgt.36, 14th Panz.Div., Eastern Front 1942.
  • 2./Pz.Abt. "Grossdeutschland", Voronezh 1942.
  • 3./Pz.Rgt.35, 4th Panz.Div., Russia 1942.
  • 3./Pz.Abt.21, 20th Panz.Div., Kursk 1943.

Aantal onderdelen; 100.

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