Dragon 7213 M1A1 Abrams "with MINE PLOUGH"

Item No.: Dragon 7213
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This highly detailed M1A1 Abrams kit includes the highly useful mine plough or mine clearing blade.

The Mine Clearing Blade is a supplementary piece of equipment necessary for the M1A1 Main Battle Tank to breech minefields during routine operations. It is electrically operated, and is capable of clearing surface or buried mines up to 6 feet in front of the tank's path without the aid of supporting forces or additional equipment. The system's track-width mine ploughs can clear 42 inches on each side of a path as well as magnetic-fused mines between them with the Improved Dogbone Assembly. In loose sand, the ploughs can operate at a rate of 30 km/h. The maximum safe operating speed for this system is at least 10 miles per hour.

Eén uitvoering mogelijk;

  • 1st Marine Expeditionary Force, Iraq 2003.

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