Dragon 7258 T-34/76 Mod.1940 "Eastern front 1941"

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About the T-34/76:
The ancestry of the T-34 derives from prototype fast tanks built by American tank designer J. Walter Christie, which were sold to the Soviet Union after the American military declined to buy them. In particular the T-34 incorporates the Christie suspension.

Development properly commenced in 1936, and a prototype was completed in 1939. Full scale production started in 1940.

Combat history
The T-34 is often used as a symbol for the effectiveness or the Soviet counterattack against the Germans. The appearance of the T-34 definitely was an unpleasant surprise for the German commanders, as it could combat all 1941 German tanks effectively. It was faster, had better armament (50 mm was the predominant calibre of German tanks guns) and better armour protection, due to the technical innovation of sloped armour.

The T-34 is often called the best tank of World War 2 in the all around sense. It is true that the German Panther may have been the most powerful all around tank of the war and the Tigers had better guns and armour, but the T-34 was far simpler to manufacture and maintain in the field. It was also very reliable. This allowed mass production and large numbers to be deployed and operated simultaneously. These virtues in combination with its very good balance of firepower, armour protection, and mobility, allow it to be classified, all things considered, as the best tank of the war.

Eén-en-twintig uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • 21 verschillende Soviet tank divisie's mogelijk.

Aantal onderdelen; 116.


  • Complete New-tooling!!!
  • Road wheel slide-molded in unit (save from assembling)
  • Hatches open/close option
  • One-piece track links
  • Cartograf decals
  • Photo-etched parts
  • Metallic wire cable
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Dragon 7258 T-34/76 Mod.1940 "Eastern front 1941"

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