Revell 03131 Leclerc T.5 French moderne Army Tank

Item No.: Revell 03131

Leclerc T.5

This vehicle that was originally developed by the engineering works at Issy-les-Moulineaux (AMX) under the designation Engin Principal de Combat (EPC) and known from 1985 as the Leclerc, was officially introduced into the French Army on 14th January 1992. This state of-the-art French battle tank went into production with the French company GIAT. The first regiment to be equipped with the Leclerc was 501/503 RCC (tank regiment) at Mourmelon. It was then produced in series designated by the French T.1 to T.6, which differ from each other only in detail.

Twee uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • French Army; Task Force Leclerc KFOR, nahe Kosovska Mitrovica, June 1999.
  • French Army; 501/503 RCC.


  • Lang; 151 mm.

Aantal onderdelen; 137


  • Finely detailed model
  • Traversing turret
  • Injection moulded tracks with individual links and segments
  • Turret hatches can be shown open

Revell verf kleur nr.'s; 6 / 9 / 30 / 31 / 52 / 83 / 84 / 91 / 99 / 360.

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Revell 03131 Leclerc T.5 French moderne Army Tank

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