REV03175 M60 A3 & M9 Bulldozer Kit

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From 1959 onwards the M60 battle tank formed the backbone of the American tank units and was also sold to allied nations. The modified M60 A3 was introduced in 1978 to replace the M60 A1 and it remained in service until about 1997. It was armed with a 105 mm cannon, a coaxial M240 7.62 mm MG and a 12.7 mm anti-aircraft gun. The M60 could also be equipped with an M9 dozer blade to enable it to remove obstacles and wreckage without losing full fire power and mobility.

Twee uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • D Company, 3rd Armord Division, 3th Battalion / 32nd Armor, early 80's, West Germany.
  • B Company, 8th Infantry Division, 4th Battalion / 69th Armor, 1988, West Germany.

Aantal onderdelen; 211.

  • Lengte 131 mm.


  • True-to-original reproduction of M9 dozer blade
  • Rotating turret and commander's cupola
  • Injection moulded track with individual links and segments
  • Cannon with thermal sleeve
  • Smoke grenade dischargers

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