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In 1942 this Leyland Retriever, with a captured Italian caravan body, was allocated to the English General Montgomery as a travelling vehicle. Hence the nickname "Monty's caravan". This vehicle accommodated two rooms divided up as a washroom and a living/map room. Montgomery claimed that he only gave up his caravan to King George VI and Winston Churchill. The Daimler Mk.II scout car, 6,626 of which were built, was the most widely distributed English armoured scout car from World War II and was used by all the Commonwealth armed forces.

Twee uitvoeringen mogelijk;
Leyland Retriever

  • Monty's Caravan, Soltau, Germany 1945.

  • Monty's Caravan, 8th Army North Afrika, 1942.


Scout Car:

  • 2 Troop-B Squadron, 1st Household Cavalry, Germany 1945.

  • H.Q.squadron, 10th Royal Hussars, North Africa 1942.

Aantal onderdelen; 142.

afmeting; Truck Lengte. 110 mm. 
afmeting: Scout car; Lengte. 48 mm.


  • Diorama plate with reproduction roads
  • 2 vehicles (Leyland Retriever & Daimler Mk.II scout car)
  • Includes 3 figures
  • ex Matchbox

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