AF35S14 HOLLAND YPR765-PRI 25mm kanon

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The hull of the vehicle is made of welded aluminium with spaced steel laminate armor bolted onto the side and front. The voids of the armor are filled with polyurethane foam, which gives the vehicle extra buoyancy when travelling in the water.

The engine sits on the front right of the hull, behind a hatch which can used to remove the complete powerpack. The powerpack is similar to the M113A1, except for a larger radiator capacity and turbocharger. The transmission is also fitted with heavy duty components from the M548 tracked cargo carrier. Immediately to the left of the engine is the driver, above whom is a hatch that opens to the right. The driver has four M27 day periscopes. The drivers center periscope can be replaced by a passive infra-red periscope for night driving. The commander sits immediately behind the driver, and has a cupola which can be completely traversed. The cupola has five periscopes, four of which are M17 day periscopes, the fifth has 1x to 6x variable magnification.

The turret is fitted on the right side of the hull behind the engine. The turret has electro-hydraulic traverse and can elevate from -10 to +50° and can traverse and elevate at a speed of 60°/sec. The turret mounts an Oerlikon Contraves 25 mm KBA-B02 cannon with a dual ammunition feed, mounted to the left is a 7.62 mm FN MAG machine gun. 180 rounds of 25 mm are ready to use, with another 144 rounds stored in the hull. The coaxial gun has 230 rounds ready with a further 1,610 stored in the hull.

The troop compartment is at the rear of the hull, a large power operated ramp allows access through the rear of the vehicle, a door is also provided in the ramp. Additionally a single piece hatch covers the top of the troop compartment. The compartment contains seven troops in the Dutch variant with six sitting back to back facing outwards, and a single passenger sitting between the command and the turret facing backwards. There are two firing ports in each side of the hull and a single firing port in the rear. The side firing ports are provided with M17 periscopes, the rear one is fitted with an M27 periscope.

Vier uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • Dutch Army; KY-37-04.
  • Dutch Army; KY-37-34.
  • Dutch Army; KY-39-81.
  • Dutch Army; KY-37-75.
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AF35S14 HOLLAND YPR765-PRI 25mm kanon
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