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Fiat 508 “Balilla” is the most popular car produced in Italy in the thirties. In June 1937, the new “Balilla” 508C, equipped with a 4 cylinders engine of 1.100 cc., has been introduced on the car market. Furthermore, the new 508C has been used as platform for the development of vehicles for military applications such as Fiat 508 CM “Coloniale”. Characterized by a 2-wheel drive traction, a length of 3.6 meters and the reliable 1.100cc 4-cylinders engine, capable of delivering 32 hp that allowed it to reach 90 Km / h, Fiat “Coloniale” was especially used for the mobility of officers and for HQ operations in North Africa. However, the overall strength of the vehicle, the bigger size of the tires, and the good mechanics reliability, had made Fiat “Coloniale” suitable for advanced reconnaissance duties in off-road terrain.

Vier uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • 132nd Armoured Division "Ariete", North Afrika, 1942.
  • Regio Esercite, Balkans, 1943.
  • Luftwaffe, provence, France, 1944.
  • Todt Organization, Northern Italy, 1944.


  • Lang; 95 mm


  • 4314AP / FS 34092 Flat Medium Green I
  • 4654AP / FS 33434 Flat Giallo Mimetico 3
  • 4723AP / FS 34092 Flat Verde Mimetico 2
  • 4796AP / FS 33440 Flat Panzer Dunkelgelb
  • 4798AP / FS 34128 Flat Olivgrün 1943
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