Master Box MB3503 Panzer I Light German Tank T-1A 'Breda'

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  '' Panzerkampfwagen 1 Ausf.A Breda ''
It was first time when on October 28, 1936 the tanks Pz.1A of 'Drohne' group included into 'Condor' legion collided with the Soviet tanks of T-26 model adopted by Republicans. Machine guns and armor of the German machines turned out to be completely helpless before 45-mm turret and armor featured by T-26. To increase firing power of their machines, members of German tank crews had performed a little modernization on the spot. They had enlarged the tank turret height, firstly removing the upper armored sheet, welding a flat to it and then joining the upper armored sheet again. Machine guns had been dismounted, and 20 mm caliber 'Breda' gun of Italian origin had been installed into newly shaped screen, with gun displacement somewhat to the right for convenience of fire and servicing.

Presumably, several machines were thus altered. However, only one photo of those years demonstrating Pz.1A tank adapted to 'Breda' gun is known in military literature.

Eén uitvoering mogelijk;

  • Condor Legioen, Spaanse burger oorlog, 1937.
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Master Box MB3503 Panzer I Light German Tank T-1A 'Breda'
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