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The Chinese designated DF-21 (East Wind-21), intermediate-range ballistic missile has the NATO designation CSS-5, and is a variant of the CSS-N-3 (JL-1) submarine-launched ballistic missile developed from the mid-1960s and first test launched in 1982. The road mobile CSS-5 was first successfully test flown in 1985, CSS-5 was China's first road mobile solid-propellant ballistic missile. An improved version of CSS-5 Mod 2, known in China as DF-21A, has been developed with an increased range and several different warhead options. Reports in 1996 indicated that DF-21A had an improved accuracy; using both GPS and a radar-based terminal guidance system. CSS-5 is launched from a Transporter-Erector-Launcher (TEL) vehicle with the missile being cold-launched from its canister, with motor ignition occurring about 20 m above the launch vehicle. The TEL consists of a tractor vehicle and an open flat-top trailer with a single launch platform at the rear. The missile test and targeting functions are carried out from separate logistics and command vehicles. A six vehicle convoy is used by PLA artillery regiments for the CSS-5 system, including a command vehicle, a logistics support vehicle, a reload vehicle and three TEL vehicles. A new TEL vehicle was displayed in 1999, with a tractor-trailer unit having three axles on the tractor vehicle and three axles on the trailer. The missile was carried in a sealed canister, with several access hatches to provide for maintenance and testing.

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  • DF-21 Ballistic Missile Launcher - Chinese Army Service

Aantal onderdelen; 808

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  • Lang; 460.5 mm.
  • Breed; 84.7 mm.
  • Hoog; 103 mm.
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Trumpeter 00202   DF-21 Ballistic Missile Launcher

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