Zvezda 6167 British Machine-Gun Vickers with Crew 1939-1943

Item No.: Zvezda 6167

The Vickers machine gun or Vickers gun is a name primarily used to refer to the water-cooled. 303 British (7.7 mm) machine gun produced by Vickers Limited, originally for the British Army. The machine gun typically required a six to eight-man team to operate: one to fire, one to feed the ammunition, the rest to help carry the weapon, its ammunition and spare parts. It served from before the First World War until the 1960s.

The weapon had a reputation for great solidity and reliability. Ian V. Hogg, in Weapons & War Machines, describes an action that took place in August 1916, during which the British Army's 100th Company of the Machine Gun Corps fired their ten Vickers guns continuously for twelve hours. Using 100 new barrels, they fired a million rounds without a single breakdown. "It was this absolute foolproof reliability which endeared the Vickers to every British soldier who ever fired one

Set bevat;

  • 4 Britse soldaten
  • 1 Vickers Machine-Gun
  • kaarten set voor war game spel

Groot; 24 mm.

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