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           ''  Assyrian Army ''  


  • 42 figuren in 12 standen

Afmeting: 23mm

From our perspective the history of Assyria seems to be one of almost constant wars with their neighbours, from Egypt to modern Iran, which is not to be wondered at since they built an empire that was without precedent in recorded history and was not to be matched until that of Rome centuries later. After Assyria was freed of Mitanni domination in the 14th and 13th centuries BCE it began to expand its territories and vassal states, becoming the pre-eminent power in the region until it was suddenly destroyed in 612 BCE. This was not however a tale of rise followed by fall, as the empire had many ups and downs over the centuries and was at its strongest towards the end of its existence. However war was a constant theme throughout this period as conquests were made, punitive expeditions undertaken and rebellions (sometimes unsuccessfully) resisted.

When discussing accuracy we cannot avoid trying to place a more precise date on these troops. Seven centuries is a long time and the look of the Assyrian army did change over that time. However there are clues in this set which help us be more precise. Firstly, although they are obviously a very ancient form of weapon, slingers were not introduced into the Assyrian army until around the start of the seventh century BCE, less than a century before the final fall of the empire. Next, the helmets have integral ear covers, which again dates from the seventh century BCE. Thirdly, all the men have footwear, which seems to have been common only from the reign of Sennacherib (704 BCE onwards), and the armour on the archers and lack of shield-bearers also suggests this sort of date. Finally the large all-body shield only appeared around, you guessed it, the early seventh century. So, although Caesar make no mention of date we would humbly suggest the first half of the seventh century BCE is appropriate, which is convenient as this is when Assyria was at its height, fighting amongst others the Egyptians and, as always, the Babylonians. 

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