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"V - IV BC"
As is often the case with large empires, the army of the Persians was made up of contingents from all its parts, each of which were dressed and equipped in their own tradition. In addition a large proportion were mercenaries, men who again would have their own distinctive appearance, and by far the most important of these were the Greeks. This set does not attempt to portray all these troops, but instead concentrates on the native Persians, whose appearance was the most easily recognisable as being 'Persian'. Indeed the Zvezda box refers to the 'Immortals'.

The packaging states these figures are for the fifth to the fourth centuries BCE, which means the troops should be dressed in Median style, as indeed they are, with short tunics and trousers. The headgear is the tiara, a cloth cap with flaps that hung down and often covered the lower face. Some of the figures are wearing armour in the normal style of the time, but many that appear unarmoured may well be wearing it under their tunics. The officer is wearing a sleeved overcoat, which he is using as a cloak, and the standard-bearer has the wolf-skin headdress as a sign of his rank.


  • 42 figuren.

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