Revell 85-0313 U.D.T.BOAT with Frogmen

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U.D.T.BOAT with Frogmen

Underwater - Demolition - Team BOAT

Underwater Demolition Teams were established by the U.S. Navy in 1942 to seek and destroy obstacles left behind by enemy troops. U.D.T. troops were specially trained combat swimmers who could perform tasks like breaching cables and planting limpet mines on enemy boats. Many methods used to train these "Frogmen" are now used to train today's U.S Navy SEALs!

Eén uitvoering mogelijk;

  • UDT 21-4 "US Navy"


  • Lang; 279 mm.

Aantal onderdelen; 63

Set bestaat uit;

  • 1 U.D.T.Boat
  • 1 Rubber boot
  • 2 US Navy personal
  • 6 Duikers "SEAL's" 
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Revell 85-0313 U.D.T.BOAT with Frogmen

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