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The Naval version of the Lynx was originally designed to operate from the Frigattes and Destroyers of the "Royal Navy". Built by Westland Helicopters the Lynx undertook its maiden flight 1971 and has taken part in all British military conflicts since 1982. Due to its high reliability, performance and versatility, it is in service in 14 countries. The Lynx HAS Mk.3 is the second multi-purpose helicopter to be developed as an Anti Submarine Warfare helicopter for the Royal Navy. It received two uprated Rolls-Royce Gem 4-1 engines each develloping 1120 Shp and a GEC Marconi "Seaspray Radar". In order to attack surface vessels the Lynx can be fitted with two Sea Skua guided missiles, a highly effective weapons system that proved its value during the Gulf War. Additionally, the Lynx can also deploy two Sting Ray Torpedos when submarine hunting. An especially attractive livery adorned the Royal Navy "Black Cats" display team at RNAS Yeovilton in 2008.

  • Mk.3 Tailboom with separate Tail Assembly
  • Accurate Surface Engraving and Recessed Panel Joints
  • Detailed Interior with Textures Side Panels
  • Detailed Cockpit including Instrument Panel
  • Finely Moulded Cockpit Seats
  • Cabin Seats
  • Finely Detailed Underbody
  • Mk.3 Nose Section with Antennae
  • Cockpit Doors in the open or closed position
  • Separate Sliding Cabin Doors
  • Detailed Undercarriage
  • Detailed Rotor Head
  • 2 Torpedoes
  • 2 Sea Skua Guided Missiles
  • Heavey Machine Gun on Mount


Twee uitvoering mogelijk;

  • Westland Lynx HAS.3, XZ250. "635/702"of Naval Air Squadron's "Black Cats" Aerobatics Team, Royal Navy, RNAS Yeovilton, July, 2008.
  • Westland Lynx HAS.3 ICI, XZ246, "434/EE" of No.815 Naval Air Squadron, Royal Navy, aboard Antarctic Survey Vessel, HMS Endurance, 2001.

Aantal onderdelen; 435.

  • Lang; 412 mm
  • Breed; 401 mm.

Revell verf: 17 / 57 / 65 / 302 / 364 / 374 / 378. 

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REV04837 Westland LYNX HAS.3

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