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Revell Classics Limited edition of 7500 pieces

The Fairey Rotodyne was a 1950s British compound gyroplanes designed and built by Fairey Aviation and intended for commercial and military applications. A development of the earlier Gyrodyne  which had established a world helicopter speed record, the Rotodyne featured a tip-jet-powered rotor that burned a mixture of fuel and compressed air bled from two wing-mounted Napier Eland turboprops. The rotor was driven for vertical takeoffs, landings and hovering, as well as low-speed translational flight, and autorotated during cruise flight with all engine power applied to two propellers. Although promising in concept and successful in trials, the Rotodyne program was eventually cancelled when a combination of politics and lack of commercial orders arising from concerns over high levels of rotor tip-jet noise doomed the project. 

Eén uitvoering mogelijk;

  • Fairey Rotodyne XE 521.

Schaal 1:78

  • Lang; 228 mm.
  • Rotordiameter; 364 mm.
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