Revell 04413 Kamov Ka-58 "Stealth Helicopter"

Item No.: Revell 04413

It is no longer possible to imagine modern armed forces without the combat helicopter specialising in attack on ground targets and infantry support. In addition to a superior sensor and weapons technology its great manoeuvrability and short reaction time give this attack and defence platform dominance over ground-based weapons, as does its adequate armour.

The Kamov study for a new all-weather stealth helicopter has a low radar signature and offers great flexibility with weapons.

Twee uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • Kamov Ka-58 "Camo".
  • Kamov Ka-58 "proto-type".


  • Lengte 197 mm
  • rotordiameter. 202 mm.

Aantal onderdelen; 111


  • Can be built as a strike or combat helicopter
  • Structural details on surface with recessed panel lines
  • Cockpit with seats and instrument panel
  • Movable undernose cannon
  • Detailed rotor head
  • Landing gear
  • Rocket pods and anti-tank missiles

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Revell 04413 Kamov Ka-58 "Stealth Helicopter"

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