Revell 06652 DROID Tri-Fighter STAR WARS War Game

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During the Battle over Coruscant, the political power centre of the galaxy, this agile fighter is used by the separatist hundreds. In flight the central enclosure of the pilot remains in one position while the outer section with its three outriggers rotates round this centre. The most devastating weapon carried by the Tri-Fighter is the missile with the buzz droids. When one of the missiles meets its target it releases these treacherous droids that attach themselves to the outside of the starfighter and immediately begin to damage the vessel's systems or R2s. Once these little droids have been released it is almost impossible to get rid of them. Instead of a crew, the control centre contains only a droid computer that operates the three light laser cannon in seconds. In the Battle over Coruscant the Droid Tri-Fighters prove to be a serious opponent. They appear to be innumerable and a victory for the Republic is by no means a foregone conclusion ...... 

Geen lijm & verf nodig, alles gemakkelijk in elkaar te klikken!

Afmetingen; Lengte. 185 mm.

Aantal onderdelen; 27 stuks

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Revell 06652 DROID Tri-Fighter STAR WARS War Game

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