Revell 06726 Snowspeeder STAR WARS War Game

Item No.: Revell 06726

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The modified T-47 Airspeeder built by the Incom Corporation has an afterburner that enables it to reach a speed of a good 1100 km/h, but it is not capable of space flight. As one of the most widely used types of spaceship in the Start Wars Galaxy, the T-47 is met with in practically every industrialised world. The T-47 modified by the rebels is known as the Snowspeeder and was used in the battle on the ice planet Hoth in order to hold the approaching AT-AT in check. The modifications also included technical alterations to prevent the immediate freezing of the drive systems. Thanks to their high speeds the Snowspeeders are difficult to hit. The strong ropes that were originally intended for the transport of heavy loads and were used effectively against the AT-ATs are fired like harpoons. The pilot who shares the cockpit back to back with the gunner can, if required, take over complete control of the weapons in addition to the navigation.

Geen lijm & verf nodig, alles gemakkelijk in elkaar te klikken!

Afmetingen; Lengte.100 mm / Breed.87 mm.

Aantal onderdelen; 23 stuks

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