Revell 06729 Republic Gunship STAR WARS War Game

Item No.: Revell 06729

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The robust and heavily armed Republic Gunship is used for air-to-ground and air-to-air combat and for transporting infantry troops. The gunship pilots sit one behind the other in the cockpit. The primary armament of the ship, two massive rocket launchers, are mounted on its back, the lighter lasers are operated from glazed bubble-shaped wing mounts. Additional glazed gun turrets can be extended. The Clone troops carried can defend themselves with their own or the manoeuvrable on-board weapons that are kept in the cargo area. The Republic Gunship plays a central role in the War on Genosis, in which the Jedi and Clone troops engaged in massive action against Count Dooku's Droid army. The speed of the gunship is a decisive advantage against earthbound vehicles.

Geen lijm & verf nodig, alles gemakkelijk in elkaar te klikken!

Afmetingen; Lengte.100 mm / Breed. 97 mm.

Aantal onderdelen; 30 stuks

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Revell 06729 Republic Gunship STAR WARS War Game

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