Revell 05728 VOC Retourship BATAVIA

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VOC Retourship BATAVIA

The BATAVIA was a three-masted merchant ship that transport goods and people between the Netherlands and Asia. This heavily armed sailing ship was built in 1628 in Amsterdam by the Dutch East India Company (VOC), but the ship was not a lucky one. In June 1629, on her maiden voyage to Java (Indonesia), the BATAVIA was dashed against a reef of the west coast of Australia. Of the 341 passengers and crew aboard 40 were drowned in the surf. The rest succeeded in making it to a nearby island. Then the captain decided to take a long-boat and seek help in the town of Batavia (now Jakarta). During his absence over 100 fell victim to a mutiny that broke out and had to be ended by the captain on his return. After parts of the original wreck were found, in 1985 the Dutch master shipbuilder Willem Vos set about the task of reconstructing the three-master. With the help of volunteers and young people who received vocational training on the ship, after 10 years the historical shipbuilding project was completed. On 7th April 1995 the Dutch Queen Beatrix launched the "new" BATAVIA which now lies at anchor at Lelystad and is available for all to see.

Set bevat;

  • VOC schip BATAVIA
  • 6 verschillende kleuren Revell verf
  • Penceel
  • Lijm

Aantal onderdelen; 183

  • Lang; 397 mm.
  • Hoog; 318 mm.


  • Detailed hull with many structures and ornaments
  • Wooden decks and covered hatches
  • Richly ornamented stern with many carvings
  • Large stern lantern
  • Detailed masts
  • Detailed bow with ornaments and carved lion
  • Large windlass
  • Many carvings on deck
  • 2 lifeboats
  • Ready-made shrouds
  • Structurally detailed sails
  • Contains 2 kinds of rigging
  • Display stand
  • Colourful flag chart and decals

Revell verf kleur nr.'s; 56 / 78 / 85 / 88 / 310 / 371.

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