Bronco NB5018 CHIH YUEN Imperial Chinese Peiyang Fleet Cruiser

Item No.: Bronco NB5018

The Ching Yuen was the sister ship of the Chih Yuen, and was built in 1887 at the Armstrong Whitworth & Company ,Elswick shipyard. Ordered for the Chinese Peiyang Fleet she had a displacement of 2,355 tons and had a speed of 18 knots. Armament consisted of 3×210mm,2×150mm and 8×57mm guns and 4×457mm torpedo tubes. This design was sold to China ,Chile and Japan ,but was not used by the Royal Navy who thought the ships to lightly protected. The two Chinese ships joines the fleet in 1887-88 and had relatively short lives. Ching Yuen and her sister ship the Chih Yuen both served in the Battle of the Yalu river on 17 Sptember 1894 against the Imperial Japanese Navy . The Ching Yuen survived the battle and retreated to Port Arthur, then to Weihaiwai. Here the ship was destroyed by a combination of Japanese naval guns and shored based artillery.

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  • Imperial Chinese Navy - "Chih Yuen" 1888 year version.
  • Imperial Chinese Navy - "Chih Yuen" 1894 year version.

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