Airfix 03204 H.M.S. AJAX

Item No.: Airfix 03204

HMS Ajax was a WWII Leander Class cruiser. She was launched on 1 March 1934 with a main armanent of eight 6" (152 mm) guns in four turrets. HMS Ajax was initially fitted with four single 4" (102 mm) and three quad 0.5" (12.7 mm) anti-aircraft guns, as well as carrying an Hawker Osprey observation aircraft. She also carried eight 21" (533 mm) torpedo tubes. In 1937, the single 4" guns were replaced with dual 4" guns and the Osprey replaced by a Fairey Seafox. On 13 December 1939 in the South Atlantic, along with HMS Exeter and HMS Achilles, she took part in the Battle of the River Plate against the Graf Spee. This resulted in the Graf Spee being scuttled off Montevideo, Uruguay. HMS Ajax was refitted several times during WWII, the largest change being the removal of the catapult and changes to the anti-aircraft armanent. She arrived in Newport on 18 November 1949 to be broken up.  

Eén uitvoering mogelijk:

  • HMS Ajax

Aantal onderdelen: 90


  • lengte 281mm
  • Breed 28mm

Humbrol verf: 11, 27, 33, 34, 55, 64, 70, 71

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Airfix 03204 H.M.S. AJAX

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