Fujimi 41086 IJN OYODO Japanese Light Cruiser

Item No.: Fujimi 41086

Water Line Series

                           IJN OYODO  

The Oyodo class was originally designed as a flagship for scouting submarine fleets and was part of the 1939 4th Replenishment Program . She had an ambitious plan with far forward main armaments and an oversized catapault which would handle six E15k reconnaisance seaplanes on her aft. However, the planes were not ready by the time of the Oyodo's completion and instead, her catapult was replaced with a more conventional one and she was outfitted with two regular planes.

She was equipped with 6.1in guns, the same as found on the Mogami class cruisers. Her last modification was the addition of armor in 1945, which proved ineffective when she was sunk at Kure by American aircraft. She remained there until 1948, when she was finally scrapped.

Lang; 275mm.
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Fujimi 41086 IJN OYODO Japanese Light Cruiser

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