Revell 05050 Prinz Eugen German Heavy Cruiser

Item No.: Revell 05050

The heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen, max. displacement 18.750 tons, was commissioned on 1.8.1940 at the Krupp Germaniawerft in Kiel. After having sunk the Hood in collaboration with the Bismarck, it made a successful breakthrough from Brest on 11.2.1942. Repaired after a torpedo had blown her stern on23.2.1942 was deployed to shell advancing Russian troop concentrations along the Baltic coast. At the end of the War, she was handed over to US-Navy, and she sunk on 22.12.1946 after the atomic bomb tests at Bikini atoll.

Eén uitvoering mogelijk; PRINZ EUGEN.

Aantal onderdelen; 72.
Afmeting: Lengte. 295 mm.


  • Filigree surface details
  • Authentic reproduction of deck superstructures
  • Inclusive of display stand
  • Movable gun turrets
  • Inclusive of Arado 196 aircraft

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Revell 05050 Prinz Eugen German Heavy Cruiser

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