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Moon landing serie "40 Years 20-07-1969"
"That's one little step for a man, one giant leap for mankind"
On 16.07.1969, the 110 meter long raised, three-stage Saturn V, the largest rocket ever built at the time, from Cape Canaveral on target with moon from the ground. On board: the three lunar astronauts Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins. The giant rocket weighing 3,000 tons reached on the nearly 400,000 km journey to the moon at a speed of 112 kilometers - per second! The Apollo spacecraft and the lunar module were located in the third stage.

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  • Apollo Saturn V.

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: Lang; 1140 mm.
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  • Apollo Saturn V rocket
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  • Saturn V model with 1.14 m height
    Launch platform with supports
    Detailed output with 5 thrusters
    Neck tube parts from thin polystyrene strips
    Engine cowling
    Second Stage rocket with 5 thrusters
    Intermediate ring with fire barrier
    Third Stage rocket thruster with helium and ball containers
    Detailed Lunar Module
    1 Astronaut
    Separate upper stage of the Lunar Module
    Lander protective case with clear part for the insight
    Service Module thruster and steering jets
    Command Module with interior design and astronaut figure
    Rescue rocket at the top
    Optional moon display plate for the different operating phases of the Apollo Mission
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Revell 04805 Apollo Saturn V Rocket

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