REV07402 Kenworth K-900 Wrecker

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In America these massive, weighty breakdown trucks with their typical lifting cranes that see service round the clock are called "Wreckers". Also known as "Tow Trucks" they use chassis from well-known manufacturers like Peterbilt, Ford, Mack or Kenworth. These firms primarily make cab-behind-engine trucks. These "conventional" enjoy great popularity, not only with the truckers, but also with salvage and towing firms. The typical crane superstructures, inclusive of technical equipment, are supplied by special firms such as the famous Miller Industries in Ooltewah, Tennessee, who fit out the trucks with the required superstructures and supply them under individual names such as Champion, Eagle or Challenger. The same applies to the wrecker called the "Century" from Fred Viohl, owner of a motor works in Haverstraw, New York State. Viohl had a Miller type 1040 B superstructure mounted on his W900. The three-stage crane jib has a maximum lifting capacity of 40 tonnes, supported by two powerful Ramsey winches. The 6-wheeled W900 is driven by a 400 bhp turbocharged diesel engine which is located under a bonnet that lifts up forwards. The large towing trucks are conspicuous, not only for their imposing external dimensions, but also for their fantastic paintwork.

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  • Lang   351mm


  • Multipart, true-to-original frame
  • movable front axle
  • Chassis with 3 axles
  • Multipart, detailed in-line engine with turbocharger
  • Bonnet can be raised
  • Multipart ram guard
  • Cab with detailed dashboard
  • Multipart crane superstructure with 3-stage extendable jib
  • Rotating winches
  • True-to-original representation of indicating and warning lights
  • Many chrome parts
  • Chrome rims on movable wheels
  • Decals with true-to-original decoration

Revell verf:  4 7 12 31 90 94 99 302 330 331 374 730 731 752

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REV07402 Kenworth K-900 Wrecker

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