ScaleXtric C3071 Top Gear Porsche 997

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                    Top Gear Porsche 997

Top Gear Special Editions

Have you got what it takes to tackle The Stig?

Push your driving skills to the limit with the new Scalextric range of models inspired by the incredibly popular, award winning television show, Top Gear:

The Stig pushed a Porsche 997 to the limit (C3071) , achieving a superb Power Lap time of 1.23.10.

Jeremy gave the Lamborghini Gallardo (C3069) a 5-star review after his drive around the Top Gear Test Track.

The Nissan GT-R supercar (C3070), driven by Jeremy Clarkson, raced against James May and Richard Hammond in a bullet train across Japan.


  • Motor                   :Mabuchi SP; 18k rpm; Gear ratio 11:36
  • Chassis                :Rear Mounted Side-winder Motor; Rear 2 wheel  drive
  • Magnet                 :Rectangular 2.5 m; downforce 200g
  • Overall length    :140 mm
  • Wheelbase          : 74 mm
  • Axle/Hub width  : 53 mm Front; 58 mm Rear
  • Tyre diameter/width: 21(ext), 15(int) x 10 mm Front; 21(ext), 15(int) x 10 mm Rear
  • Weights                :Car 80 gm; Case 156gm
  • Scale                     :1/32
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 ScaleXtric C3071 Top Gear Porsche 997

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