49052 Moss Green Spray 200ml.

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Moss Green Spray  200ml.

49052     '' Moss Green ''

Modelmates Water Soluble Weathering Spray. 200ml canister
Translucent Spray Dye - Not Acrylic Paint.

It makes things look dirty, old and weathered. Dries fast and is easy to use.

Spray it onto non-porous surfaces, let it dry, then smudge and wipe it with a damp cloth to create weathering effects. Wet it with water and it will dissolve similar to a water colour paint and can be brush applied.

It can be applied where ever moss grows on old timber wagons and older carriages and locos. Spray it on the sunny side of walls and roofs, at ground level and near rainwater pipes and gutter. Not that visible on dark colours.

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49052 Moss Green Spray 200ml.

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