Italeri 315 BMW R75 with SIDE CAR motorcycle

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                   BMW R75 with SIDE CAR motorcycle

The new German army made use of the experiences collected in World War I to realize their modern reconstruction based on motorization. In spite of the limitations of the Treaty of Versailles able commanders introduced civilian vehicles into the army, thus creating a "motorized mentality In 1940 already, a battalion consisting of 3 to 4 companies each equipped with 52 motorcycles with sidecars and 4 motorcy- cles (single), was integrated into the motorized infantry and the armo-red divisions. Moreover, motorcycles were present in nearly all other Wehrmacht units, especially with the reconaissance units and the command, as well as the pioneer and the supply units. Produced in 16.500 units, the BMW R 75 together with the Zijndapp KS 750 formed the nucleus of the motorized units on all theatres of operations, especially in Africa and in Russia. The motorcycle was armored with an MG 34 mounted on the side c@r. On the road, it reached a maximum speed of 92 Km/h. TECHNICAL DATA: Engine: 2-cylindre, 4-stroke, stroke volume 746 cc. Max. power: 26 HP at 4.400 RPM. Weight 420 Kg. max. weight 670 Kg. Drive wheels: 2, gears: 4 high gears+ 3 low gears and 1 reverse. Max. speed 92 Km h. Fuel consumption-/. on road 7 1./l 00 Km. In low range 9 1./l 00 Km. Cruising range: on road 340 Km. In low range 270 Km. Length 2.400 mm. @idth 1730 mm. Height 1000 mm. Cut 1444 mm.

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Italeri 315 BMW R75 with SIDE CAR motorcycle
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