Tamiya 31904 H.M.S. O Class Destroyer

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"Her Majesty's Ship"
Dit model bevat 2 Desroyers

The O-class ships were built in two groups of four. The first group had 4.7 in guns. They were in low-angle mounts which could elevate to only 40 degrees, and were additionally fitted with a 4 in anti- aircraft gun in place of one set of torpedo tubes. The second group had 4-inch (102 mm) guns in high-angle mounts and were fitted to act as minelayers; they could be recognised by the flat "beaver tail" stern over which the mines were dropped. When carrying mines they had to land Y gun, their torpedo tubes and depth charges. The designed anti-aircraft armament was one quadruple QF-2-pounder ''pom-pom'' and a pair of quadruple 0,5 inch Vickers A/A machine guns. The latter proved to be outdated, and were replaced by 20mm Oerlikon guns as they became available, with a total of six single mounts eventually being carried.

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Tamiya 31904 H.M.S. O Class Destroyer

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