CMK35020 Volkswagen Typ 82E

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                  Volkswagen Typ E

Entering production just prior to the start of WWII in 1938, more than 20 million models of the Volkswagen "Beetle" had been built by 2003. Known during the war as the Kdf wagen, the VW came in 3 types: Type 60 civilian sedan, military Type 82E, which featured the Kubelwagen chassis and a sedan body, and military 4WD vehicle Type 87. As many as 546 models of the Type 82E were built between 1941 and 1946. Featuring road clearance 75mm higher than the civilian model, the Type 82E offered improved driving performance. The Volkswagen Type 82Ewas used as a staff car by many German military and government officials.  

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  • Wehrmacht - Grossdeutschl Division - Russia 1943.
  • Dienst wagen van de Japanse Ambasade in Berlijn.
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