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         '' Airfix 2010 Catalogue ''


It's actually been a few years since I looked at a kit catalogue from one of the major manufacturers but I've seen the new Airfix one for 2010.
The first thing to say is how many memories came flooding back to me as I looked through to see so much of their original box art which had attracted me so well as a youngster, when I first started building models.  It provoked many happy memories of simply enjoying the modelling, though I know now I'd be saddened at how awful my skills were then.  Still, it was a time that I enjoyed.
Apart from disappearing down memory lane, there is lots to see with their plans for this coming year, and I think it's great to see the investment Hornby are making in the range since they took it over.  All the new box art is eye catching and attractive, and we are seeing new tooled models just as much as re-released older ones.  I photographed a few pages from the catalogue just to illustrate a some particular points I thought might interest readers.
For aircraft fans there is a wide variety of new ones coming out, but the 2 stars for me have to be the 1/24 Mosquito - which is quite stunning by the way, but more of that later- and a 1/72 Valiant, the third and last of the old V-bombers to make it into a kit.  I'm sure others will have their favourites, but they are just the 2 that take my fancy.
For Military vehicles, it is small scale (1/76), with a twin pack of a Bedford QLD and a QLT.  I wondered if these are the IBG kits, but the computer graphic in the catalogue suggests they are new toolings.  I don't know the answer, but no doubt we'll find out when they appear.  Coupled with these, see a new range of 1/76 ruined buildings as well.  Aimed at wargamers, but every bit as good for dioramas so more interesting things coming here.
Then ships?  Well, in addition to HMS Illustrious, there will be a Trafalgar class sub as well, both in 1/350.  Modern Royal Navy ships both!
Add to this all those little polythene figures I remember playing with as a lad, and the Battle of Waterloo Farm House (La Haie Sainte) with some 9 figure sets included, all good stuff plus all the Humbrol paint ranges which are listed in the back.
To close, I can't fail to mention the 'James May Effect' after his programme on Airfix.  they are releasing that early Spitfire Mk1, among a number of other new Spitfire models that are on the plans as well.  Affordable models now attractively packaged


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A.2010 Airfix 2010 Catalogue
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