CO.6505 Fallschirjäger German Paratroopers from Glory to Defeat

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Germany’s airborne troops, or Fallschirmjäger, were developed through the 1930’s as an elite force trained in warfare that set them apart from other branches of the Reich’s armed forces. In their daring campaigns in Western Europe, Scandinavia, Crete, Italy and the first trying days of the Normandy landings, the Fallschirmjäger fought with distinction and honor, despite heavy casualties. Often on the point of complete destruction they regrouped and continued to fight with heroism to the last days of the Reich.

The author Ian Baxter gathered many interesting photos for this book, all the campaigns that the Fallschirmjäger were involved are represented by photos in this book. The editor Tom Cockle provides us with an accurate background history of the Fallschirmjäger in action. Ronald Volstad, the world renowned artist for WWII figures, brings us 4 superb color plates featuring the uniform, equipment and weapons of the Fallschirmjäger during the different phases of WWII. A must for collectors and modelers.

Afbeeldingen van verschillende Duitse Fallschermjäger eenheden.
Geschreven door I.M.Baxter & Ronald Volstad.
ISBN nr.; 962-361-686-4
Aantal pagina's

  • 52.
  • 100 foto's.
  • 4 Kleuren pagina's.


  • Lang; 29,3cm.
  • Breed; 21,8cm.
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CO.6505 Fallschirjäger German Paratroopers from Glory to Defeat

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