OPNV.001 THE PARAS 1940-1984

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THE PARAS 1940-1984

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Osprey's examination of the British Airborne Forces, from World War II (1939-1945) to the Falklands War (1982). On the night of 7 February 1941 the first British parachute unit was sent into action. Their target was the Tragino Aqueduct in Italy, and although the mission itself did not go to plan, the effect on Italian morale of this landing in the heart of their country was considerable. It was also a valuable achievement for the parachutists to have proved themselves in action, even on so small a scale, at a time when Britain was reeling from defeat to defeat. Since then, British Airborne Forces have proved themselves in action time and time again, in a variety of different theatres from Europe to the Falklands

Afbeeldingen van Britse para eenheden en schetsen daarvan, maar ook diverse kleur tekeningen.
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OPNV.001 THE PARAS 1940-1984

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