SQS4033 US 110'Subchasers In Action

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During World War I, German U-boats took a heavy toll on merchant and military ships. Destroyers were adapted to handle the threat, but enough could not be produced quickly with limited supplies. The ultimate answer was 110-foot Sub Chasers with wooden hulls. The vessels were redefined and redesigned to handle new adversaries during World War II. This book takes a detailed look at US Sub Chasers with more than 100 photographs, color profiles and detailed line drawings.  

-Een echte aanrader voor de modelbouwliefhebber!
-Schaalmodel / bouwdoos / boek merk; Squadron Signal.
-ISDN nr.; 978-0-89747-587-7
-Artikel nr.; 4033
-Geschreven door T.Garth Connelly.
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  • 64.


  • Lang; 28 cm.
  • Breed; 21 cm.
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SQS4033 US 110'Subchasers In Action

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