REV04885 Boeing 747-8F CARCOLUX

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Boeing 747-8F CARCOLUX

The maiden flight of the Boeing 747-8 took place on 20.3.2011. Its innovation, advanced technology and efficiency is impressive. The Boeing 747-8 is a newly developed aircraft. It is based on the positive features of the proven Boeing 747 series. Cargolux Airlines International based in Luxembourg, one of the leading dedicated air cargo carriers, was the launch customer and also first operator of the new 747-8F and also had a significant influence on its design. Cargolux was established in Luxembourg in 1970. It already operated the 747-200F and also the 747-400F. Together with the Boeing company it launched the 747-8F program in 2005 after ordering 14 aircraft. The 747-8F presents new standards in the fields of fuel efficiency and noise reduction. Its cargo capacity is 16% higher than that of its predecessor, its CO² emissions are 14% lower. The Cargolux 747-8F has achieved high profitability and its aircraft are in the air for nearly 16 hours a day. They have thus become a force to be reckoned with and powerful adversary in international logistics.

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  • Boeing 747-8F CARCOLUX, cn 35808/1420, LX-VCA, City of Vianden.
  • Boeing 747-8F CARCOLUX, cn 35807/1424, LX-VCC, City of Ettelbruck.
  • Boeing 747-8F CARCOLUX, cn 35809/1436, LX-VCD, City of Luxembourg.
  • Boeing 747-8F CARCOLUX, cn 35810/1454, LX-VCE, City of Echternach.
  • Boeing 747-8F CARCOLUX, cn 358118/1461, LX-VCF, City of Grevenmacher.
  • Boeing 747-8F CARCOLUX, cn 35821/1473, LX-VCH, City of Dudelange.


  • Lang; 525 mm.
  • Spanwijdte; 476 mm.


  • Replica hull with all of the cargo versions details
  • Finely detailed surfaces with recessed panel joints
  • Imitation cockpit
  • Detailed undercarriage bays
  • Detailed undercarriage legs and imitation brake discs
  • Detailed tail area with APU exhaust pipe
  • Wings with separate navigation and landing lights
  • Detailed engine replicas
  • Rotating front fan with finely detailed blades
  • Pitot tubes and antennas
  • Display stand

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REV04885 Boeing 747-8F CARCOLUX

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