Heller 80428 Sepecat Jaguar A

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              ' Sepecat Jaguar A ' 

Produced to meet a 1965 joint Anglo-French specification for an advanced trainer/tactical support aircraft, the SEPECAT Jaguar was transformed into a potent fighter-bomber with sophisticated nav/attack systems for the low-level all-weather attack role. The first of eight Jaguar prototypes made its maiden flight on 8 September 1968. India's sizeable Jaguar fleet includes 15 two-seat Jaguar IT operational trainers. Ten have been assembled under license.

The RAF received 200 Jaguars, comprising 165 single-seat GR.Mk Is (with chisel laser noses) and 35 T.Mk 2 trainers. The latter have the full nav/attack avionics suite but no lasers. Delivered in 1973-78, GR.Mk ls were tasked with nuclear strike, reconnaissance and conventional strike. Recce aircraft carry a centerline pod containing five cam-eras and an IR linescan. Only the Coltishall Wing remains, its GR.Mk ls gaining Adour Mk 104 engines from 1978-84. The GR.Mk 1A upgrade added a FIN1064 INS, AN/AILE-40 flare dispensers, Phimat flare pods and jamming pods to 75 single-seaters. Fourteen trainers were similarly upgraded as T.Mk 2As. For Operation Granby in 1991 Jaguars also used CRV-7 rockets and CBU-87 cluster bombs.

The Armee de I'Air's 160 single-seat Jaguar As have generally less capable avionics than RAF Jaguars, but remain effective strike aircraft. Various systems have been added including TAV-38 or ATILIS laser designators and the OMERA 40 camera. The 40 cannon-armed Jaguar E trainers lack a full nav/attack avionics fit. Initial deliveries were made from January 1972, and some Jaguar As were tasked with pre-strategic nuclear-strike with AN 52 weapons (withdrawn in 1991). The surviving 85 Jaguar As now undertake tactical support/ground-attack missions. AA Jaguars have seen action in Mauritania, Chad and the Gulf.

Twee uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • Franse Luchtmacht; E.C.03-011 "VOSGES" Al Ahsa, Saoedi Arabië, Golf oorlog 1991.
  • Franse Luchtmacht; E.C.03-03 "ARDENNES" Nancy, 1987.

Aantal onderdelen; 130


  •  Lengte 350mm 
  •  spanwijdte 181mm
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